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There is no doubt that the no.1 sport in the US is the NFL. Sure ice hockey is big, and the NHL's Stanley Cup is the biggest (literally) trophy in all of professional sports. The NBA is wild and crazy, its players are like Hip-Hop stars, the game is played at 100 miles per hour, the scores are huge, the NBA's profile is massive, and it's the US sport that is best known around the world ? but it's not the NFL. At no point during an NBA game will Kobe Bryant have to make a pass before two 6' 6'' 300lb men attempt to put him in traction for six months. The NBA is sport ? the NFL is warfare!

Mayor League Baseball is often called 'America's Pastime.' To many fans, baseball is pure Americana, with legends of the 1920's like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig still mentioned today. The top MLB players are gazillionaires - the best paid athletes (?) in all of US sports, Tiger Woods apart. But in all seriousness, its tough trying to bet successfully and consistently on baseball when even the top MLB teams lose 60 games a season!

The NFL has the richest teams (16 valued at over a billion dollars), the highest TV ratings (Monday Night Football holds all ten slots on the ''All Time Top Ten'' in US cable TV history) and the biggest season climaxing showpiece (the Super Bowl is watched by 165 million Americans, effectively shutting down the most powerful nation on earth for three hours!) of any US sport. Plus, because of its blend of supreme skill and bone crunching interceptions, speed and precision met with with blunt force trauma, it is the most exciting of all US sports - bar none.

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NFL teams get richer and stronger each season, sign talented new players on the college draft and invest in state of the art training facilities and sports scientists that keep pushing up the standard of pro football. This rule used to only apply to a handful of clubs, but now all 32 NFL teams are wealthy and powerful, resulting in an ever expanding pool of potential AFC and NFC Divisional champions and playoff contenders. Predicting Conference Champions and Super Bowl winners gets tougher each season.

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